Martial Arts – A Great Option for Your Kid (Martial Arts Vs Team Sports)

One of the main concerns we hear all the time when it comes to our martial arts for kids classes is “I’m afraid my child will get injured.” We certainly don’t blame parents for being concerned about the well being of their child or teen. Of course our main interest is the safety and well-being of our children too.

It’s surprising to us, though, that so many people in general still aren’t really aware of what mixed martial arts is all about. In fact, the average parent would probably jump on having their child in MMA as opposed to the after school team sport that can actually be dangerous. So while we certainly only want to encourage kids to get involved in something athletic that will help them stay in shape and form bonds with other that can last for life, it’s time to get real about martial arts (MA) for kids.

What Parents Need to Know

The truth is that not only is martial arts for kids a great strength and training option, it is better than your average team sport training. Want to know why?

• Contrary to popular belief, MA isn’t about fighting; it is about defense. While there is some contact between students, it is in a controlled environment to practice techniques not to just fight. Plus the techniques kids learn could be potentially life-saving against bullies or other attackers. When was the last time anyone could say that about their spring training for baseball?

• MA for kids is an ideal way for youngsters to gain focus, discipline and respect. So much of martial arts training is about learning to focus, be aware and show respect to trainers and other students. Parents are often beyond amazed at the miraculous turn around in the behavior in their otherwise unruly child or teen. This is a great way to combat issues such as a lack of respect for others and even A.D.D. Other sports just don’t have this level of life-transforming results.

• Increase confidence and make friends, in a safe environment. Mixed Martial arts is one of the best ways to help children or teens come out of their shell or improve upon their self-esteem. Other sports can help, but if your kid is constantly “on the bench” he or she is not likely to gain that same increase in self-esteem.

Think about the horror stories you hear about kids suffering from exhaustion or taking a fatal blow to the chest from a speeding baseball, and then think about the martial arts training environment.

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